Banh trang kep.

Made of soft and moderately thick rice crepes, wrapped rice crepe (Banh trang kep) are brushed with stuffing and either left alone or rolled, or wrapped, and grilled.

The stuffing is either pork liver seasoned with lots of deep fried onions, brushed on the crepes and added with quail eggs. It can sometimes range from shredded beef jerky to squids or chicken eggs up to the palates and demands of guests.

An element that sets the wrapped rice crepes of Danang apart is its dipping sauce. Dipping sauce, or sauce, is meant to particularly serve the rice crepes. The sauce is made of jerky, satay sauce and a bit of secret tips which altogether make the sauce condensed, spicy, flavorful and attractively yellow brown. Even after hundreds of trials, guests can hardly fully discern elements that shape its particular sauce

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